Buying a new printer? Ask these seven questions to get the one you really need

There is an incredible array of technology on the market, all of which claim to meet all of your printing needs, with lots of life-changing features that appear to do everything except make a cup of tea.

But when it comes down to it, do you really know which printer you need? What would best meet your requirements? Do you need a printer or a multifunctional device? Is laser better than inkjet? What will it cost to run?

Before exploring the options available to you, it is worth spending some time considering what you will use the printer for. Do you need a personal printer or one that can be shared with other users? Are you just looking for a printer or do you need a multifunctional product that also allows you to scan, copy and fax? What type of documents do you print? Are they for business use or are they just filed away? How many pages are you likely to print each month?

When buying a new printer or multifunction device for your office, it’s important to make the right choice. Some printers may end up costing you a fortune in toner and may be more prone to breaking.

Seven simple questions that will get you the printer you need

  1. Does it meet or exceed my monthly volume requirements? How much printing does your business do now, and how might this change in the future?
  2. What features do I need? Think about colour, paper size, perforation and binding.
  3. Is the device configured for evolving technologies? Can your employees access this from multiple devices like mobiles, tablets and laptops?
  4. What level of information security does it include? Your printer should protect your business from security threats and meet the General Data Protection Regulation.
  5. Is it user friendly? Most companies claim that new multifunctional devices are are equipped with easy-to-use smart screens but ask to test it first.
  6. Is the device or printer compatible with all computers? Look for plug-and-play functionality with both Macs and PCs.
  7. Does your provider / vendor offer comprehensive support? If something goes wrong, how quickly can they fix it?

A term you may come across while doing your research for a new printer is duty cycle. What’s duty cycle, I hear you say? Take a look at our recent article on why it’s important to know the duty cycle of your printer.

We know it’s hard to find impartial advice on printers, which is why we’ve developed a handy Buyer’s Guide to Desktop Printers and Multifunctional Devices. Just fill in the form to the right to download your copy.

Jon Reader

Corporate Marketing Manager at Ricoh UK & Ireland

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