Global ways of working that will transform your business

Ricoh has come a long way since it was founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 1936. It has established a presence in around 200 countries, including Ireland, and has helped to transform the essence of the workplace. In fact, this impact was recognised last year when Ricoh was named Company of the Year by Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce.

Whether you own a local company with five members of staff or run an organisation with 5,000 employees spread across various countries, there are global ways of working that can transform and benefit your business. These solutions and systems have the power to enable flexibility, boost productivity and enhance the security of any size or type of organisation.

Flexible working

Most employees, regardless of their position or the industry in which they work, needs to have the flexibility of working on-the-go or from home. Staff need to be able to access, share and produce work materials and information in real-time via third party devices – made possible by a simple but secure cloud infrastructure. A flexible working solution can be tailored to your business needs and scaled to the size of your team, which means there’s no excuse not to empower staff through an agile approach.

Unified communications

Be it a compact videoconferencing system that can be carried anywhere or an interactive whiteboard in the conference room, being able to communicate and collaborate across locations is crucial for every organisation. Such audio visual solutions allow team members to share documents and discuss ideas with ease from wherever they are. Unified communications can also have an impact within the office with digital signage that can show room availability and software that creates an easy-to-use, centralised booking system.

Document digitisation

Despite the prevalence of technology solutions, the majority of companies still have to handle and store paper documentation. As well as issues around space and security, this area can also negatively impact the efficiency and productivity of a workforce with inputting, archiving and searching all taking up significant staff time. The digitisation of paperwork and workflows not only makes storage of confidential information more secure but also enables employees to easily locate and work on files, thus boosting output and service levels.

Strong governance

A data breach can be costly, both in financial and reputational terms, so it’s vital for companies of all sizes to review, maintain and strengthen internal governance processes to ensure information security. For example, utilising a data cleansing service means that data is thoroughly removed from end-of-life devices such as printers. Similarly, a document governance service allows you to take control of the management and monitoring of your document environment, ensuring processes are secure, sustainable and compliant.

Intelligent marketing

Promoting your own product and/or service offering can be key to driving business growth and staying competitive. From the traditional printed materials to more modern email marketing, being able to create and deliver targeted communication to existing and prospective customers can help you promote your company and gain an understanding of what appeals to your client base. Even if it’s on a minor scale, intelligent marketing services streamline this process and allow you to take more control of boosting your company profile, attracting potential leads and driving expansion.

Small and large, local and multinational, all organisations and their employees can benefit from more global ways of working. At Ricoh Ireland, we are experienced in implementing such solutions and helping to create companies of the future. Find out how by contacting the team today.

Gary Hopwood

Managing Director At Ricoh UK & Ireland

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